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Logistics covers the transportation, warehousing and related financial and immaterial operations. UAB Jumisa is strategically well located between Eisiskiu highway and Vilnius airport. We carry cargo by sea, air and land routes. We transport oversized, heavy, dangerous freight and goods requiring special care. Special vehicles are used for transporting temperature controlled cargo. We perform freight transportation by land transport throughout Europe and the CIS countries. Air freight transportation is a very fast and efficient method, while for large quantities of heavy cargo we recommend transportation by sea.

UAB Jumisa has a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals, who will help you to organize cargo transportation from point A to point B in the most cost-effective way. Our vehicles are equipped with satellite-based tracking and communicating system that enables us to track the whereabouts of each cargo. We perform all warehousing related tasks, from cargo weighing, sorting, and packaging to preparation of Customs documents and Customs representation. Logistics activities are insured by liability insurance and we can also provide additional cargo insurance.

Modern technical equipment in warehouses, vehicle equipment and skilled professionals ensure the safe and efficient cargo transportation and successful implementation of other logistics operations. Only well operating logistics can ensure a high-level customer service system, that is why we relentlessly pursue continuous improvement and provide personal attention to every client, finding the best suitable logistics solution to meet his specific needs.

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SC „Jumisa“ was established in 1996. The company started its activities, providing customs brokerage and shipments delivery services. After a year they offered a service of air freight carriage. Afterwards the number of services increased. Presently the following services are provided by „Jumisa“:

- Temperature shipments carriage by company trucks.

- Customs bonded warehouse.

- customs brokerage services.

- „Intrastat“reports preparation.

- air freight.

- ocean freight.

- land carriage.

- Integrated multimodal carriage services. In response to the customer requests and requirements, the carriages are performed within adjustment of air, land and sea transport. It enables to use resources optimally and carry various freights with expedition.

Contact us

JSC “Jumisa”

Meistrų str. 8A, Vilnius LT-02189
Tel.: +370 5 216 36 92; + 370 5 230 68 11
Fax.: + 370 5 230 64 23
El. paštas: info@jumisa.lt

Air freight carriage:

Saulius Petraitis
Tel.: + 370 5 230 68 11
Mob.: +370 699 32 588
Email: saulius@jumisa.lt

Carriages by land transport:

Andrius Račkys
Tel.: +370 5 216 52 38
Mob.: +370 685 07839
Email: andrius@jumisa.lt

Customs brokers:

Tomas Beriozovas
Tel.: +370 5 216 48 25
Mob.: +370 699 49 808
Email: tomas@jumisa.lt